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The Code Scan Reports are produced by scanning the source files referenced by each migration unit and aggregating the results:

Source Structure

Answers the question: What is the size and composition of each migration unit?

SrcFldr ' Referencing File Folder
SrcFile ' Referencing File Name
ModPath ' Referenced File Path
ModName ' Referenced File Internal Name
ModTime ' Referenced File Last Modified DateTime
ModType ' Referenced File Internal Type (e.g Form, Class, Module)
Cnt_Tot ' Referenced File Total Line Count (excludes blank lines)
Cnt_Cod ' Referenced File Logic Line Count (for ASP this lines in script blocks or lines containing a script tag)
Cnt_GUI ' Referenced File GUI/Designer Line Count (for ASP this is lines of containing markup)
Cnt_Ref ' Referenced File COM Reference Count (for example Object= or Reference= statements in the VBP or Object= statements at the top of Forms)
Cnt_Cmn ' Referenced File Comment Line Count
Cnt_Bln ' Referenced File Blank Line Count
Cnt_Bin ' VB6: Referenced File size of associated binary file for forms, controls, designers, etc. (FRX, CTX, DSX, etc.)
Cnt_Bin ' ASP: Client-side VBScript Line Count
DupFile ' Referenced File Is Duplicate (YES|NO)
DupFile ' YES when the File's CheckSum was already assigned to another file
ChekSum ' Hash code computed from file content and used to identify duplicate files

Source References

Answers the question: What COM components (Dlls, OCXs, TLBs, etc) are referenced by each migration unit? (also, what #include files are referenced from ASP files?)  

SrcFldr ' Referring Source File Folder
SrcFile ' Referring Source File Name
LibName ' Referenced Library Name
LibFile ' Referenced Library File
LibRegd ' Referenced Library Registered Status
RefStat ' Referenced Library Ready Status
LibGuid ' Referenced Library GUID
MajVers ' Referenced Library Major Version
MinVers ' Referenced Library Minor Version
LibPath ' Referenced Library Path
LibType ' Referenced Library Type
RefType ' Reference Type
IdfPath ' IDF Path
IdfType ' IDF Type
IdfDate ' IDF Created Date
AsmStat ' Assembly Ready Status
TaskTag ' Referring Task Tag
LibDesc ' Referenced Library Description
RefOrdr ' Referenced Library Import Order

A more detailed report of references is available using the Semantic References report.

Source Members

Answers the question: What is the breakdown of members (methods, properties, and events) in a migration unit? (VB6 only)

SrcName ' Migration Unit Name
RunDate ' Report Date
ChkSum  ' An MD5 CheckSum computed from the signature and body of the method. (used to check for duplicated methods or method changes over time)
MemName ' Member Name
MemClas ' Member Parent
MemLibr ' Member Library
MemType ' Member Type
Pos_Cnt ' Member Location (line number)
LocText ' Member Declaration
LocMemb ' Member Lines of Code
LocFile ' Defining File Path
LocName ' Defining File Internal Name
LocType ' Defining File Type

Source Code Scan

Answers the question: where are various user-defined patterns (i.e. regular expressions) located in each migration unit?

SrcName ' Migration Unit Name
RunDate ' Report Date
RecType ' Report Type
MemName ' Search Target
MemClas ' Matching File Internal Name
MemLibr ' Matching Project Internal Name
MemType ' "CODE"
Pos_Cnt ' Match Location (line number)
LocText ' Matching Record
LocMemb ' "General" or the name of the containing method or other code structure
LocFile ' Matching File Path
LocName ' Matching File Internal Name
LocType ' Matching File Type

Source GUI Scan (VB6 only)

Answers the question: what controls and settings are used in the user interface files (e.g., Forms, MDIForms, and UserControls) of each migration unit. This report can be useful for understanding UI complexity and planning UI-based functional testing.

SrcName ' Migration Unit Name
RunDate ' Report Date
RecType ' Report Type
MemName ' Property Name or "_ctor" for Control Start
MemClas ' Parent Control Type
MemLibr ' Parent Control Library
MemType ' Member Type: GUI Control or GUI Member
Pos_Cnt ' Match Location (line number)
LocText ' Matching Record
LocMemb ' GUI Nesting Level
LocFile ' Matching File Path
LocName ' Matching File Internal Name
LocType ' Matching File Type


Answers the question: How much code is referenced by each migration units and the other code on which it depends?

SrcName ' Migration Unit Name
Parent  ' Referencing Migration Source Path
Name    ' Referenced File Name
Type    ' Referenced File Type: "CODE", Third-Party Component "3PC", or In-house Component "IHC"
Subtype ' CODE: Form, Class, Module, etc.; 3PC/IHC: Library or Control
Size    ' Lines of Code or "1" for 3PCs/IHCs

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