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Let's say you have a list of VBP files and you want to create an Upgrade Project for the VBPs in list.

You may use the following procedure:

Step 1: Create a text file with the list of VBP names and save the file with a ".vbg" extension.  If you already have a Visual Basic Group file for the list of VBPs (*.vbg), you may use that.  If the vbg contains relative paths, save it in the correct location relative to the VBPs.

Step 2: In gmStudio, open the Migration Project Setup Form and then search for and select the vbg file created in Step 1 (as shown below)

Step 3: Click and [Add] Option and add/review the added VBPs -- removing any VBPs that you don't want to include in the final Upgrade Set.

Step 4. Click Save and Close

The Migration Project Setup Form closes and you now have a gmStudio Upgrade Project, with a ".gmproj" extension, with the desired VBPs, with which to move forward.

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