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In order to download the installer (, you need to be in a web browser that has been authenticated on  This is done by completing the Trial Request form with a user email and password.  You will then get an email requesting that you confirm the email address.  Once you have completed the confirmation, the confirmed credentials can be used to authenticate on .  Once logged in, you may download the Trial Installer by clicking My Account->My Resources from the menu on

Following the initial installation, the gmStudio client is used to request and receive products licenses and product updates.   These in-product downloads require an HTTPS connection.   If that is not possible due to firewall/proxy restrictions, we can provide the files by email or some other secure file transfer channel of your choosing.

gmStudio Installer

After your initial installation, the recommended way to keep up to date with new gmStudio releases is to use the automated product update feature within gmStudio.
Click [Help/Check for Updates...] to see release notes and download the latest.

gmStudio Upgrade Samples

The samples are described in the Samples Section of the User Guide and may be downloaded using the links below:

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