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MCI (now Verizon) used the Promula Fortran translation software to rehost three legacy applications:


  • Network Services Billing
  • Network Order Entry System
  • Phone Access Database


from a legacy source platform:

  • DEC 36-bit mainframe hardware
  • TOPS/ICS operating system
  • XF4 FORTRAN/KCC C code base
  • System1022 database


to a contemporary target platform:

  • IBM RS6000 hardware
  • AIX operating system
  • ANSI C code base
  • ORACLE database


To achieve the objectives of this project, Promula developed a number of migration tools:

  • PXF4, an XF4 FORTRAN-to-C Translator
  • PICS, an emulation of the ICS command line interpreter for UNIX
  • PL1022, an emulation of the System 1022 database language (and its FORTRAN and C call interfaces) for UNIX and ORACLE SQL
  • XF4LIB, a library of XF4 FORTRAN functions for UNIX
  • AIXLIB, a library of DEC TOPS operating system functions for AIX
  • KCCTRANS, a KCC-to-ANSI C translation tool
  • FILGE, a DEC text editor for UNIX


MCI Network Services
5000 Britton Road
Hilliard, Ohio 43026