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Newly responsible for a critical system written in VB6 that contains multiple core functions within a growing excess and surplus insurance company, I needed to elevate that system to a platform that was supported, extendable, and secure.  Rewriting the system was not an option because the time investment, additional staff cost, and risk of lost business rules were heavy.  Purchasing a new system was not viable - the cost, business disruption, and time investment were all too great.      

I had worked with Great Migrations in the past, knew what their technologies and organization were capable of, and asked them to help us move this VB6 system to the .NET platform.  They worked with our management, our vendors, and our staff to create a detailed plan, perform a POC conversion, and deliver the final converted codebase.  Great Migrations improved the system during this process – they identified dead code and unused modules as well as COM and API usage that were no longer needed.  They trained our staff in using their tools and helped us understand the complexity of the effort and mindset needed to successfully perform the conversion.

Having Great Migrations help our organization re-platform this critical VB6 system to .NET was the right decision. It was less disruptive to the business, assured full business rule retention, required fewer staff, and cost much less.  I can now find and  hire staff to maintain and extend the system with confidence whereas before it was a serious challenge. This system can now be part of our digital transformation efforts where before it was being left behind.

-- IT Solutions Architecture Manager