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PolyPM consists of several hundred thousand lines of VB6 code. The biggest challenge porting PolyPM from VB6 to C# was choosing specific class types for Variant and Object variables. PolyPM uses the VB6 Scripting Dictionary and ADODB Recordsets extensively, which work with untyped variables. Polygon selected Great Migrations because gmStudio did a superior job of assigning types to generic variables.

Great Migrations was contracted to perform the initial migration using gmStudio. In Phase 1 the code was migrated to C# projects and compiled successfully. In Phase 2, the migration was enhanced to handle dictionary datatypes.

Essential to this project is the ability to update the C# source code from VB6 as development continues using VB6. At this stage it takes less than an hour to do so. The migration would be impractical without this ability.

The support from Great Migrations has been superior. Requests for assistance have been answered immediately and completely, even when outside the scope of work.

Lou Wohlmuth