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T. Ross Reeve, Research Consultant, State of Utah

State of Utah
Governor's Office of Planning and Budget
116 State Capitol
Salt Like City, Utah 84114

"The last twenty-five of my thirty-five years experience with computers has been devoted to modeling and other analytical applications in both the public and private sectors. Private sector applications include estimation, quality control, and large scale corporate forecast modeling. Public sector applications include estimation, evaluation, and interdependent, demographic and economic, regional forecasting models. For the most part, these applications are intended for planning/decision purposes and involve large programming requirements and massive data management problems."

"Over the years, we have tested and evaluated numerous software packages for both PC and mainframe. Promula is the only software package we have evaluated which meets both our programming and data management requirements. We attribute this to Promula's view of data as variables with multiple dimensions as opposed to the view that data is values with multiple attributes, or to the view that data is related two dimensional entities."

"Our experience in developing models, producing forecasts, and distributing the results in various formats is that at least seventy percent of staff time is devoted to data handling and manipulation. We estimate that Promula's data management system reduces staff time spent on data related tasks by more than fifty percent. If interfaces with spreadsheet and other database formats are developed, we anticipate further significant reductions in data management costs."