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Large VB6 and ASP applications sometimes reference multiple versions of the same COM API either directly in the different VBP files or through COM imports within binary files.

The registry-libname command in a Translation Configuration File allows multiple versions of a given DLL file to target a single standard as part of the migration process.

For example, there are several versions of the MSXML2 API in circulation – msxml2.dll, msxml3.dll, msxml4.dll, and msxml6.dll.  For example, the following commands tell gmBasic that references to various versions of MSXML2 dlls should all be processed as if they were references to msxml6.dll.  Only msxml6.dll will be used recognizing and interpreting the MSXML2 API.  


<Registry type="libname" source="msxml2.dll" target="msxml6.dll" />
<Registry type="libname" source="msxml3.dll" target="msxml6.dll" />
<Registry type="libname" source="msxml4.dll" target="msxml6.dll" />

Here are some other common cases:


<Registry type="libname" source="msado28.tlb" target="msado15.dll" />
<Registry type="libname" source="msado27.tlb" target="msado15.dll" />
<Registry type="libname" source="msado26.tlb" target="msado15.dll" />
<Registry type="libname" source="msado25.tlb" target="msado15.dll" />
<Registry type="libname" source="msado20.tlb" target="msado15.dll" />


<Registry type="libname" source="mscoree.dll" target="mscoree.tlb" />
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