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gmStudio attempts to refactor subroutines using GoSub by extracting the GoSub target code into a method and then calling the extracted method from the locations of the GoSub.  

In some cases, this technique can fail to produce a good translation – for example, when the GoSub is intermingled with Gotos and VB6 error handling logic.  In those cases, you may suppress the GoSub migration for the particular method by using a RemoveGoSub Refactor rule:

   <Migrate id="identifier_of_method" RemoveGoSub="on" /> 

You may find the identifier of the method by examining the symbol report.  

You may also choose to analyze and rework the difficult code to allow GoSub refactoring or rework it manually after translation.  Remember also that manually modified subroutines may be re-integrated into the upgrade solution using a Refactor/Reauthor directive that is performed after the <Analyse/> operation.

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