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Q:  VB is not case sensitive, C# is. When migrating controls we are preserving C# naming convention. For example the Calendar WPF control has a "Value" property. This control will replaced the VB6 MonthView. The latter has also a Value property working the same. So all is perfect. But in the VB code the property is accessed as "value" (lower "v").  Question : Is GM taking this case problem into account ? How ? and if not what is your advise ?

A: GM takes casing into account.

The case used in the C# is the case used in the declaration of the symbol, not in its use in the VB6.  For application symbols, the declarations are stored in the VB6 code, and for COM API symbols, the declarations are stored in the API’s IDF.

If case needs to be changed from what was used on the source platform, that may be done using a refactor/rename command or by by adding a migName or migPattern attribute to the appropriate IDF element.

NOTE: Late bound symbol references are by definition disconnected from their declaration, so the case may not match what is expected.  However in the case of a late bound reference, the entire late expression will not be migrated and will probably be expressed using a CallByName or dynamic cast.

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