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Error From Log:

Reprocessing file: C:\EM\VB6\Project1\crxResults.Dsr
Err#5207: Filename [C:\EM\VB6\Project1\crxResults.Dsr]
Position(2,6) Content:
{BD4B4E61-F7B8-11D0-964D-00A0C9273C2A} crxResults
Expecting Control Identifier not [BD4B4E61-F7B8-11D0-964D-00A0C9273C2A].
RecNo Content of record
2 Begin {BD4B4E61-F7B8-11D0-964D-00A0C9273C2A} crxResults

Search the actual IDFs that are being laoded for the VBP. Find that GUID in the IDF and the associated coclass id. Also, at the top of the IDF, find the true library id. The technical name that will be recognized in code is library.coclass.

Then you will need to pre-edit the GUID to the control coclass name. Here is an example:

<Compile Project="%SrcPath%" >
<Fix host="" name="PreEdit">
	<Replace status="active" name="use friendly name for designer control">
	<OldBlock><![CDATA[Begin {BD4B4E61-F7B8-11D0-964D-00A0C9273C2A}]]></OldBlock>
	<NewBlock><![CDATA[Begin Crystal.CrystalReport]]></NewBlock>



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