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1. What issues have you seen with a VB6 to migration? Please provide the lowest level of specificity on this.


  • Variant, Late Binding
  • Array Conventions
  • String Functions
  • Collections
  • Option Strict or not?
  • Error Handling – do you want to use try-catch instead
  • Printing
  • Gosub/Goto
  • Conditional Compilation
  • COM
  •  etc.


2. What issues have you seen with a toolset like Sheridan and converting it to a new platform like native tools?

  • component conventions -- mask edit, date formats,
  • FRX data
  • Event models
  • etc.

3. What issues have you seen with data access code conversions?

  • Depends on if you use ADO-look-alike wrapper
  • Schema data handled differently -- datacolumns/row array versus fields collection
  • Navigateion behavior
  • Server-side vs Client-side cursors
  • Events
  • Error collections
  • Connection Properties
  • UPdate/BatchUpdate
  • Behind the SQL scenes commands
  • etc.

4. What issues have you seen with web service usage conversions?

  • Can you elaborate on this?
  • SOAP?
  • etc.

5. What UI issues have come about?

  • Form Lifetime
  • Form Class as a variable
  • Control Arrays
  • Events
  • DDE
  • Drag and Drop
  • MDI Menu Merging
  • Certain Intrinsic UI controls: data control,  file system lists
  • Style Inheritance
  • Twips vs Pixel;s
  • etc.


6. What is our approach to resolving these issues? Design pattern, tools, etc.

  • Language Specification
  • Object Model Specification
  • Runtime support code -- buy, build, borrow
  • etc.


7. How can we ensure that our approach will reduce risk and save time?

  • Compared to what?

8. How can we refactor the code to improve upon it?

  • Migration solution configuration

9. What types of governance and reporting can we do to ensure the code is converted correctly?

  • Ongoing deliverables
  • VBNET Build
  • Code review Measures

10. What type of testing would we perform to ensure the application is operating effectively?

  • Side-by-Side Testing
  • Functional tests
  • Stress Testing

11. Would we incorporate NUnit tests as part of the conversion?

  • If desired.

12. What clients have you done VB6 to migrations with? Can you provide a write up for the government clients or large clients for a "feasibility of approach".

  • HMX
  • ISAC
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