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To help resolve build errors, here is a typical exchange with one of our customers:

"There is not enough information in your email for me to help you resolve this issue.   I would like to take a look at your problem and see how it might be resolved. Since you cannot share your actual code, you will have to take a close look the original VB6 that is not translating properly and prepare a sample code that reproduces the specific problem and that you can share with me.  Once you have a valid VB6 and gmStudio workspace that isolates and reproduces the problem, zip it all up and send it to me so I can take a look.  You may use email or if desired we can setup a secure file transfer.

The other option is to take a quick look in a web meeting with you and see if its something you can easily fix on your end."
More information on our Standard Support services is described here:
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