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How to selectively suppress OptionalArguments=on for a specific method?

The code has an optional implicity-byref parameter and I want to suppress the OptionalArguments migration for this method. The methods is called in the VBP where it is declared and from other VBPs in the system.

Public Function SearchForWindow(PartTitle$, Optional SwitchTo, Optional WholeTitleFoundOUT) As Long  <-- WholeTitleFoundOUT must remain ByRef

Some calls passed all parameters:

hWndLoc& = SearchForWindow(OrigCaption, False, NameString)

Some calls omit the optional parameters:

hWnd = SearchForWindow(ReaderServerWindowName(iServerNo))
hWnd = SearchForWindow(ReaderServerWindowName(iReaderServerNoIN))
hWnd = SearchForWindow(ReaderServerWindowNameFromReader(iReaderIndexIN))
hWnd = SearchForWindow(SReaderServerWindowNamePrefix())


You may use compile/refactor/fixtype:

         <FixType identifier="APPCommon.SearchForWindow.WholeTitleFoundOUT" status="ByRef" type="String" />

NOTE: type="String" is added because FixType will suppress the automatic type inference to string so you need to do it here.  

While you are at it, you may want to add a fixtype for SwitchTo:

   <FixType identifier="APPCommon.SearchForWindow.SwitchTo" type="Boolean" />


Question: How to report cases where an implicit byref explicit optional was migrated to byval optional?

Answer: Search the definition report for byval.*optional.*changed

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