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I have a relatively large VB6 application (more than 100K LOC) and I would like to see what a sample translation to C# by your tool looks like – is that possible?


If you want to see a sample translation of a large system (> 11,000 LOC VB6, or > 5,000 LOC ASP), we may do a free "demo" translation for you using gmStudio or do a deeper dive into what we call the "Smart Start":


If you cannot share your code with us, then you may use the trial version of the tool and do your own “Assessment Translation”.  This will run the translator for reports and to check the code for issues, but it will not generate .NET code.


In addition, you may want to review our standard "small" samples to see how the tool does things, here:


If there is some specific thing that is not covered in our standard samples, you may want to make your own sample VB6/ASP/COM test.  The trial does not limit the type of code in the custom sample; and it does not limit the gmStudio features you can test on the custom sample.  The only limit of the trial is the size of the sample: 11,00 LOC VB6 and 5,000 LOC ASP, which may be adequate for most VB6/ASP/COM coding scenarios.   

If you need help in creating a small code for a proof of concept for specific features; we might have an internal sample already.  We have hundreds of different small samples showing all kinds of things.


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