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Requesting a License

Here is the process to obtain a gmStudio license:

  1. Install the gmStudio Trial on the machine where you will use gmStudio for your upgrade project.

  2. Request a License using the Registration form by clicking [Help/Register…] on the gmStudio Main Menu.

    After receiving your request, Great Migrations will create your License File.

  3. Download and activate the License for the machine used in Step 1 by clicking [Help/Check for License…] on the gmStudio Main Menu.

Manual License Activation

Sometimes downloading and activating a license file through gmStudio is not possible due to internet connectivity limitations.  When this is the case, a license may be installed manually by our emailing you the license file. Once you receive this license file, you may install and activate it manually as follows:

  1. Close gmStudio

  2. Go to the install directory (e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\GreatMigrations\gmStudio).

  3. Remove all old license files in the folder

  4. Copy the desired license file into the install directory

  5. If you have a project-specific license file, copy the desired project signature file into the install directory

  6. Restart gmStudio

  7. Click Help/About to review the license settings and send us a copy of the text

Note also that each license file may only be downloaded through gmStudio, once per machine.  If you try to re-download the same license file, the registration form will report a "License already activated" message .  If you need to download your license file again, contact us for assistance.

More Information

More on licensing is discussed on the Registration page.

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