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A message from a client  contains messages like this:

ERR#2: The Reference is not open: stdole2.tlb

One of the preparation steps when using gmStudio is to generate descriptions of the COM components referenced by your VBPs.   These descriptions are used to help gmStudio interpret all the types and symbols used by your code so it can do things like make type inferences, resolve default properties, and deal with missing optional arguments.  The process to generate the descriptions should be automatic and is typically done once, before you run translations.

If you get a message like the ERR#2 above, it looks like no IDF was created for the stdole2.tlb library – before the translation.  The IDF creation process can be initiated automatically in gmStudio by selecting your VBP(s) and then clicking [Author Interface Descriptions] from the Tools menu. More on COM descriptions is here: 


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