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gmStudio ships with a default set of Search Reporting presets

PRESET Symbols-FixType
<FixType identifier="%LocText%" type="Variant" />

PRESET Symbols-Reauthor
<Reauthor subprogram="%LocText%"><![CDATA[
// UPGRADE_INFO: hand-coded replacement

PRESET Symbols-Remove
<Remove identifier="%LocText%" migStatus="stubout|delete|conditional" />

PRESET Symbols-Rename
<Rename identifier="%LocText%" content="%LocText%" />

PRESET Symbols-Generic
<Generic identifier="%LocText%" types="string,integer" />

PRESET Symbols-OverGeneric
<OverGeneric identifier="%LocText%" types="constraint text" />

PRESET Symbols-Overload
<Overload identifier="%LocText%" types="%LocText%" />

PRESET SourceScan-Replace
<Replace name="Replace in %MemClas%">

PRESET SourceStruct-ReplaceFile
<Fix name="PostEdit_ReplaceFiles" host="%MemLibr%">
<ReplaceFile name="%MemClas%"

PRESET SourceScan-EditFile
<Registry type="EditFile" Source="%LocFile%">
   <Fix name="EditFile">
   <Replace status="active" name="name">
PRESET Various-RefactorFile
<Registry type="RefactorFile" Source="%LocFile%">
   <FixType identifier="%MemClas%.%LocMemb%" type="Variant" status="ObjectOnly" />

PRESET Reference-Migrate
<Migrate id="%LocName%" migName="newName" />

PRESET References-Report
%MemType%: %MemLibr%.%MemClas%.%MemName%

IDF Report

Migrate Commands Based on mig attributes

Search Pattern: report every IDF element that has a migElement in it.


Report Pattern: print information about location and migration attributes

<!-- "%locName%" -->
<migrate id="%locName%" %locText% />

Still need to cleanup to make valid migrate statements.  Also misses changes that do not include a mig attribute.

References report


All forms of calling a member of an API
Search for
Report statements with 
Report member with parameters with 

Build Log Report

h2. B00) %msgnumb%: %msgText%

File: %SrcFile% @ %Srcrecd%
Sub : %SrcMemb%
Code: %SrcText%

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