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We have an ASP include containing a VBS class.  In this case, the declaration of the class follows its implicit use as a variable type.  The tool is unable to infer the variable type due to the sequence of code.

We want to supply a fixtype to help the tool infer the variable type as the VBS class.


There are lots of games being played with names here, but I can look at the symbol dump and I see these two entries.

  2 |   355949 |   343377 | Vb_Name                        | [\ABC\src\ReportServer_Web\include\CLogWriter.asp].CLogWriter
  1 |   343456 |        0 | Vb_Name                        | _CLogWriter

Now the complicated identifier "[...include\CLogWriter.asp].CLogWriter" is the class defined within the "CLogWriter.asp" file that I am looking for and the VB_Name "_CLogWriter" is the name used to refer to the file itself. I admit that there is so much name mangling going on that I have to resort to the symbol dumps to get these names. At any rate, I now
add this RefactorFile entry to the GlobalSettings file.

<Registry type="RefactorFile" Source="(%=VirtualRoot%)\include\clogwriter.asp">
   <FixType identifier="Logit.MyLogWriter" type="_CLogWriter.CLogWriter" />

The answer to the question "What is the name to use for a VBS Class as the target in a registry-fixtype or the type in a refactor/fixtype?" is "_CLogWriter.CLogWriter".  I cannot infer this FixType, but this FixType is all that is needed.

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