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Jeff Amlin, President, Systematic Solutions, Inc

Systematic Solutions, Inc.
1519 Heatherwood Trail
Xenia, Ohio 45385

"The Promula software has been the cornerstone of my simulation modeling for nearly 20 years. I have not found the capabilities, ease of use, or reliability of Promula in any other software package."

"I was introduced to Promula in 1979 (it was then called NUCLEUS) and used it for my electric load forecasting models for nearly three years. When I took a new job in 1981, I experimented with several languages, but decided that they did not compare with Promula. In 1985 when I founded Systematic Solutions it was as easy decision to use Promula. The database management, report generation, simulation, and interface programming capabilities were superior to anything on the market. The ability to define variables using the Promula set definitions has made programming in Promula easy and even fun for me. As the company president I do not get to program as much as I used to, but when I do I am glad I can use Promula."