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A Migration Project consumes and produces many different types of input and output files which are organized into a workspace. A default workspace has the following structure:

[Migration1]                   : Workspace root folder
     +---deploy                : All generated code
     |    +---bin              : runtime assemblies (i.e. MigrationSupport.dll and Interop Assemblies)
     |        +---GenInterop   : Interop Assembly Generation workspace
     |   +--- task1            : .NET project code for task1
     |   +--- task2            : .NET project code for task2
     .   .
     |   +--- taskN            : .NET project code for taskN.
     |   +--- COM1             : .NET stub code for COM1 (if doing GlobalStubs)
     |   +--- COM2             : .NET stub code for COM2 (if doing GlobalStubs)
     .   . 
     +---idf                   : Interface description files
     |   +---FromCode          : IDFs generated from VB6 code
     |   \---FromIDL           : IDFs generated from COM binaries/IDL
     +---log                   : Translation logs, Build logs, Deployment logs, working scripts, etc.
     +---report                : Analytics reports
     +---resx                  : RESX files generated for your migration
     |   +--- task1            : .resx files for task1
     |   +--- task2            : .resx files for task2
     .   .
     |   +--- taskN            : .resx files for taskN.
     \---usr                   : User-authored upgrade solution files


The default settings for these locations are controlled in the application config file gmStudio.cfg 

Application VariableDefault ValueComment
WorkspaceRootFolder"%AppRoot%\samples\Workspace"location of workspace root folder
DefaultProjFolder"%WorkspaceRootFolder%\%MigName%"this is the location of the project workspace
DefaultDeployFolder"%ProjFolder%\deploy"root deploy location
RunLogFolder"%ProjFolder%\log"summary and detailed run logs
JobDataFolder"%ProjFolder%\log"generated logs and supporting files
ReportFolder"%ProjFolder%\report"generated migration reports
RunTimeFolder"%ProjFolder%\deploy\bin"external binaries
UserFolder"%ProjFolder%\usr"hand authored templates and config files.

Normally each Migration Project gets its own workspace. However, if you have two related systems you may wish to set them up to share a single workspace so they use the same configuration and "communicate" with each other.

When you setup your Migration Project, you can override the workspace folder and the deployment folder with values of your choosing.

See the Deployment section for details on how to control the location of files generated by gmStudio.

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