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This content is from a workshop we offer to help teams get familiar with gmStudio.  The bulk of the workshop is demonstrations and hands on labs, and these slides provide background.

gmStudio Workshop.pdf


Normally the gmStudio Training Workshop is done using customer codes and the custom upgrade solution prepared by GM for that code. The syllabus shown below is a general training agenda for those teams that cannot share their code with GM. See also the workshop slides.

Pre-Meeting : All students verify installation of gmStudio on their workstations

Session 1


Workshop Agenda

Objectives and Expectations

Expectations: Estimation Factors

Methodology: Concept

Methodology: Balance

Methodology: Phases

Methodology: Milestones

Methodology: Incremental Upgrade

Methodology: Functional Testing

Methodology: Project Plan

Methodology: Parts


Technology: Agenda

Technology: Overview

Technology: gmStudio

Technology: gmBasic

Technology: Semantic Model

Technology: gmBasic Internals

Technology: gmStudio Overview

Technology: gmslAPI

Technology: Upgrade Solution

Technology: Generated Files

Technology: Standard Distribution Files

Technology: gmStudio Upgrade Techniques

Technology: Upgrade Features

Technology: Workspace

Session 2

Technology (continued)

Technology: Reporting

Technology: Searching

Technology: SQL Analysis

Technology: COM Replacement

Technology: COM Upgrade Analysis

Technology: COM Upgrades Implementation

Technology: COM Replacement, Sample

Technology: More Reengineering

Technology: Select Commands

Technology: Registry Commands

Technology: Fix/Replace

Technology: Refactor Commands

Technology: Refactor/Reauthor

Session 3

In-depth Lab and Demonstrations: Scantool


Baseline Upgrade

Reporting and Analysis

Incremental Upgrade

VS Solutions


Session 4

In-depth Lab and Demonstrations: FMStocks


Baseline Upgrade

Reporting and Analysis

Incremental Upgrade


Session 5

In-depth Lab and Demonstrations: FileExplorer


Baseline Upgrade

Reporting and Analysis


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