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The Arithmetic Operators

The arithmetic operators perform calculations, which may be actual arithmetic but might well be any other type of calculation like masking or concatenation or comparison. They typically have suboperations for the different binary types that may be involved. They are as follows:

Opcode Description
NEG Negate a value
NOT Boolean NOT
ADD Add two values
CAT Concatenate two strings
SUB Subtract two values
MUL Multiply two values
DIV Divide two values
IDV Integer division of two values
MOD Modulus of two values
EXP Raise a value to an exponent
GTR Test for greater than
GTE Test for greater than or equal
EQL Test for equal to
LTE Test less than or equal to
LTH Test for less than
NEQ Test for not equal to
IOR Inclusive or
LIK Like
XOR Exclusive bitwise or

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