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The enumerations Opcodes

The VB6 enumerations represent the various enumerations and their entries. They are as folows:

Opcode Description
SUP Start up position constant
SHC Short cut key
PBS Picture box size mode
BOS Simple border style
KEY Ascii keypress constants
LVT Log event type
DSY DrawStyle constant
DMO DrawMode constant
LFI LineFill constant
CHS CharSet constant
PTY PictureType constant
OST OffsetStep constant
LOK LockType constant
ACC AccessType constant
STY ShareType constant
CTY CallType constant
MPO MousePointer constant
WST WindowStyle constant
OMO OpenMode constant
FDT FormatDateTime constant
TRI Tristate constant
SCA ScaleType constant
CMP ComparisonType constant
SCV StringConversion constant
DRB DirectoryAttribute constant
MRE MessageReturn constant
MBU MessageButton constant
VTY VariableType constant
BAS Button appearance style
ASM Application start mode
MBT Mouse button types
RTY Resource type constant
FDW FirstDayOfWeek constant
FDY FirstDayOfYear constant
CLR Color property
DUE DueDate constant
WSA WindowState constant
ALI Align Constants
CHV Checkbox value constant
LBS Listbox select constant
PAL Palette Mode constants
ALM Alignment Constants
BSY Form BorderStype Constants
CBS ComboBox Stype constants
IME IME mode constants
CFX Color fixed constants
SBC ScrollBar Control Constants
ALH Horizontal Alignment
LAR LayoutArrangment
RLD Right-Left direction
CAL Calendar type
SFT Shift Constants
BKS BackStyle constants
UNQ QueryUnload Method constants
VBC Miscellaneous VB constants

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