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The Support Opcodes

The VB6/ASP support operations are used by the source language compiler and to characterize the VB6/ASP particular features. They are as folows:

Opcode Description
IOF Input/output functions
ARR Array definition and management
DEF A default missing value
ISA Tests if something isa
LDK Load date constant
ASP Define ASP operations
SMN Load structure member name
SPV Various special values
TYP Define a binary type
CLF Call late function
CLM Call late method
CUE Call user event
LPI Load picture name
LTX Load text from resources
ICN Load Icon from resources
CBN Begin a CallByName sequence
USR User functions created by the analyser
ANA Operations created by the analyser
FRM Frm file properties
ATT Frm file Attribures
OPT Frm file options
VBF Native visual basic functions
CMD Native visual basic command
CLS Class properties

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