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gmSL Attribute Classes

All of the gmSL attribute classes are defined in the gmslang.xml language file.

Tool Level Attribute Classes

The tool level attribute classes are Select and Project.

Symbol Attribute Classes

The symbol attribute classes correspond to the Object Types.

Idl Attribute Classes

The Idl attribute classes are used by the Idl compiler and author.

Utility Attribute Classes

The utility attribute classes describe various internal components managed by gmBasic.

The tOpcInfo Attribute Class

The tOcpInfo attribute class describes the individual opcode in the language file. It is a packed information vector that contains the following attributes:

Attribute Description of content
length The overall length of the packed information structure in bytes
ident The identifier of the opcode in null-terminated form. Note that the opcode identifiers are always three uppercase characters.
value The actual numeric value of the opcode. This is the value used to identify the opcode. It is a small integer value that can be referenced via the OPC.ident intrinsic enumeration.
type This is an entry value from the opcTypes enumeration which describes the physical type of the opcode.
role This is an entry value from the opcRoles enumeration which describes the overall role of the opcode.
subcodes This is the number of subcodes associated with the opcode.
sublist This is the root offset in packed language storage of the standard list of subcodes associated with this opcode.
interface This is the root offset in the language symbol table of the class that describes the subcodes of the opcode.

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