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The gmSL Language

The gmSL language has a simple contemporary syntax married to an extensive set of built in enumerations and classes define in the gmBasic language file. Compiled gmSL methods are executed directly by the gmBasic runtime engine.

The language is not case sensitive.

Strings are delimited by single or double quotes. A quote symbol within a string delimited by it can be represented by doubling it.

A gmSL program is a collection of statements. These statements combine expressions in such a way that they carry out one complete task. A statement consists of one or more expressions, keywords, or operators (symbols). Typically, a statement is written on a single line, although a statement can be written over two or more lines. Alternatively, two or more statements can be written on the same line by separating them with semicolons. In general, each new line begins a new statement. To ensure readability, each statement should begin on a new line and should be terminated explicitly with a semicolon (;). The semicolon is always a statement terminator.

The new line token is ambiguous; its meaning can be determined by looking at the next line of content. If the next line content begins with a reserved word that indicates a new statement the last new line is a statement terminator. If the next line content begins with some token that indicates a continuation of the prior statement the new line is white space.

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