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We assume complete, well-formed source codes as input and we attempt to produce a complete, well-formed .NET codes as output.  We attempt to produce codes that build with no warnings or few warnings but this is rarely achieved by default boxwithout tuning the translation process.  We also attempt to provide users with the means to customize the translations – to improve code quality in terms of correct syntax, maintainability, correct functionality, and conformance to unique coding standards.  However, implementing a custom translations translation process require research, analysis and skillful implementation and there are limitations; so, we make no statement or guarantee of  we do not guarantee any specific level of subjective "quality" of for the custom translations generated by gmStudio.  Migration teams should plan to expend manual effort to finish any migration task.  Migration teams should also plan to put all generated code through functional and technical testing that is both rigorous and comprehensive .  and verify that it meets your criteria for quality.


In addition to software updates, standard support also includes basic training and guidance in the use of our product.