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The [Configuration Files] tab on the Settings dialog is designed to help you inspect and manage all the files that play a role in configuring gmStudio.  The following instructions explain how to setup gmStudio to do custom language replacement.


Part 1: Activating project-specific metalanguage information

  1. Open the Settings dialog by clicking the [Settings] button on the toolbar
  2. Click the [Configuration Files] tab
  3. Click the [Project] option in the [Translator Configuration] group box.



Once you have modified the gmBasic.xml and the VB7Lang.xml files is in your workspace, clicking the [Update Translator Configuration] button will create a new metalanguage information file (VB7Lang.vbi) in your workspace.  This customized file will take precedence over the default copy that ships with gmStudio and will be used by the translator instead. of the default copy that ships with gmStudio.

Part 2: customizing default language files

  1. Identify the metalanguage file that you wish to update and make a copy of the file in your workspace -- if you have not already done so.  For example, assume you want to modify the VBASIC.xml file. 

    1. Click [Language Files] to list the default language files
  2. Modify the VBASIC.xml file in your work space user folder so as desired.  For example.

    1. Click VBASIC.xml
    2. Click [Save As…] and save a copy of the VBASIC.xml in the [workspace]\usr\lang folder
  3. Modify the VB7Lang.xml file in your workspace so that it will include the VBASIC.xml in your workspace instead of the one in the default metalanguage folder. 

    The default location for default language files is specified as %MetaLangFolder%; for example:

     <Include FileName="%MetaLangFolder%\vbasic.xml"/>
    The convention follow for customized Language Files is to place them in the usr\lang folder in the workspace and specify this using %UserFolder% script variable; for example:
    <Include FileName="%UserFolder%\lang\vbasic.xml"/>
  4. Rebuild the metalanguage information file by clicking the [Update Translator Configuration] button.  

    This processes the VB7Lang.xml script and display the Translator Configuration Build Log into the text box. 
    If the process is successful, the listing will show the directory listing for the new VB7Lang.VBI file in your workspace.