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Great Migrations invites consulting firms and system integrators is seeking IT solution providers and consultants to join our exclusive partner program .
Leverage our enterprise system analysis offerings and migration tools to quickly optimize your clients' software assets.
Whether you are looking for a solution to migrate clients from VB6/ASP/COM to .NET or from Fortran to C, Great Migrations can help you be successful.


and use our state-of-the-art modernization tools and methods to help clients preserve and enhance their legacy software assets. There is no fee to become a gmStudio partner; we ask only for a commitment to learn our work together in selling and delivering value in modernization projects.

Why Partner with Great Migrations?

Become a Great Migrations Partner and you will reap several benefits including:

  • Improved ability to offer more value to your clients
  • Improved ability to manage risk of Upgrade projectsUpgrade projects
  • Improved ability to compete for Upgrade Projects
  • Free up time and resources to explore and deliver strategic migration objectives
  • Free up time and resources to explore and deliver development process improvements
  • Set the stage for additional, strategic services with your clients
  • Establish yourself as leader in the upgrade solution services modernization solutions market
  • Reduced long-term Eliminate the need for classic VB6/COM/ASP skills to be successful with your clients

Interested in learning more on the value of joining our exclusive partner program? Click here.

Using Automated Modernization Tools with Expert Services

Used properly, gmStudio will dramatically reduce the

How does it work?

gmStudio provides an accelerated path to results and dramatically reduces the risk and effort needed to complete a migration project successfullyprojects, but there will still be a significant amount of work the tool cannot do .  Tasks such as


on its own.

Modernization projects are rewarding and challenging and they require various types of skilled resources. In many cases clients need more help than we can offer, so we are look to solution providers to help with tasks such as

  • Analyzinge legacy systems, designing target architecture, and defining upgrade details
  • Configuring and operating gmStudio
  • Training and mentoring developers on .NET tools and techniques,
  • formulatingFormulating, evaluating, and refining technical design options,
  • building Building or acquiring supporting components, products, and tools to increase the ROI of modernization
  • designing Designing and implementing new development and deployment techniques,planning
  • Defining a smooth transition strategy
  • Planning and executing functional and technical testing and,
  • managing Managing modernization project teams