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Modernization projects are rewarding and challenging, and they require various types of skilled resources.   gmStudio provides an accelerated path to results and dramatically reduces the risk and effort needed to complete projects, but there will always be a significant amount of work the tool cannot do on its own.    In many cases clients need more help than we can offer, so we look to solution providers to help with tasks such as the following:

  • Analyzinge Analyzing legacy systems, designing target architecture, and defining upgrade details
  • Configuring and operating gmStudio
  • Training and mentoring developers on .NET tools and techniques
  • Formulating, evaluating, and refining technical design options
  • Building or acquiring supporting components, products, and tools to increase the ROI of modernization
  • Designing and implementing new development and deployment techniques
  • Defining a smooth transition strategy
  • Planning and executing functional and technical testing and
  • Managing modernization project teams