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  • Rewrite the site ASPX pages with VB.NET code-behind which is organized in a large .NET web application project
  • Rewrite 400 #include files into web user controls with code-behind, as appropriate
  • Replace COM references with .NET components, including replacing ADODB-based data access calls with calls to a custom ADO.NET-based data access framework developed by HealthMEDX
  • Rework Win32 dependencies to use .NET framework classes
  • Rewrite 250K LOC of client-side VBScript as client-side Javascript
  • Rework BAS modules in the VB6 DLLs to be compatible with ASP.NET state conventions
  • Rework VB6 code file sharing to use file linking in .NET
  • Rewrite entire .NET site, including all of the re-engineering work outlined above, with gmStudio in under 15 minutes.  This quick turn around made it possible to apply the solution to a changing codebase and to iteratively implement corrections and to experiment with many design changes and optimizations throughout the course of the project.



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