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  • gmPL:  gmStudio prepares an actual translation script (JobID.xml) by detokenizing %placeholders% and merging ScriptRules found in the template translation script file specified by the Tscript field for each task in the gmProj file. 
    gmStudio spawns gmBasic.exe passing the actual translation script as a command line argument.  gmBasic.exe executes the gmPL commands specified in the actual translation script.

  • gmAPIgmStudio prepares a task information file (JobID.xml) . 
    gmStudio spawns your gmAPI Exe (e.g. Upgrade.exe) passing the task information file as a command line argument.  Upgrade.exe uses the TaskInfo, ScriptRules , and gmslLibrary APIs as needed to invoke gmBasic services.  


The use of ScriptRules file(s) are optional in the gmPL approach because a developer may insert custom XML commands (i.e. Select, Registry, Fix, Refactor) into the template translation script manually.  However, since there are no translation scripts with the gmAPI approach, ScriptRules are typically required to integrate XML.