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  • Experience, efficiency, and costs of labor for different members of the team
  • Desired Schedule
  • Expected and actual allocation of resources
  • Desired .NET coding standards and "code quality"
  • Increasing efficiency as the automated migration process is refined  
  • Increasing efficiency as the team climbs the .NET learning curve  
  • Frequency of delivery cycles during the migration effort  
  • Quality and consistency of the source codebase
  • Size, type, and frequency of changes to the source code during the migration effort
  • Development processes and working environment efficiency (e.g. network, workstation speed)  
  • Ability to define test cases, prepare test data, and do testing, especially runtime integration testing in later stages
  • Consistency, depth and completeness of technical requirements for each sprint
  • Impact of synergy of other changes being made to the system for ongoing maintenance