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The gmAPI Paradigm

The paradigm for using a gmAPI executable with gmStudio is a bit different and is engaged by than using gmStudio with gmBasic.  The difference begins with setting the TScript field on a gmProj Task.  To use gmBasic, the TScript field specifies and gmPL translation script template.  To use a gmAPI executable, the TScript field is set to the path of a .NET Exe rather than an xml gmAPI.exe file.

  • gmPLgmBasic:  gmStudio prepares an actual translation script (JobID.xml) for the task being processed by detokenizing %placeholders% and merging ScriptRules found in with the template translation script file specified by the Tscript field for each task in the gmProj file
    gmStudio then spawns gmBasic.exe as a separate process passing the actual translation script as a command line argument.  gmBasic.exe executes the gmPL commands specified in the actual translation script.

  • gmAPIgmStudio prepares a task information file (JobID.xml)
    gmStudio based on the attributes of the task being processed. gmStudio spawns your gmAPI Exe (e.g. Upgrade.exe) passing the task information file as a command line argument.  Upgrade.exe uses the TaskInfo, ScriptRules , and gmslLibrary APIs as needed to invoke gmBasic services.  



gmAPI is built on Managed-Native integration.  The implementation of gmBasic services that power gmAPI services were developed to work in the gmBasic.exe console application and some behavior may be non-intuitive.   We are working on improvements to this API to make it more a natural fit for custom managed EXEs.

See also

gmAPI reference and samples are here: gmAPIIntroduction