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Interface Description Files (IDFs)

The purpose of this exercise is to produce correct Interface Description Files (IDFs) for all the externals (libraries and components of .dll, *.ocx, *.tlb, or *.olb extension, for example) referenced by a group of well-formed VB6 projects (.vbp), as listed above for example.




It is assumed that all externals referenced by these projects are properly registered (and licensed, for third-party proprietary components) on the machine where these the projects (VBPs) build correctly.
The outputs of this exercise are the IDFs (*.xml files) listed in Step 8.


  1. Select the folder containing the VB projects (VB6 or ASP) you want to translate to .NET
  2. Press [Scan and Display] to get a list of projects
  3. Select the projects you want to remove from translation, if any, and press [Remove Selected]

Press [Next] when ready to move on with the selected list of projects (seven (7) in this case)

Image Modified

Step 3. Specify Target Output Parameters

In the Form below

  1. Enter a "Project Name" for your Translation Project
  2. Select a target "Language" (C# or VB.NET) for the translation
  3. Select the "Target IDE" (the version of Visual Studio .NET installed on your machine)
  4. Select a "COM Strategy" ("Stub Framework" by default)
  5. Select a "Project Folder" where the results (outputs) of the translation will be written
  6. Take all other default selections for "Batch Processing Options"
  7. Press [Next] when ready to move on with the actual translation

Step 4. View Upgrade Process