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How To: Shared Files Consolidation

titleA new approach to SharedFiles

This Support Statement documents an approach that uses a gmsl script to do generate SharedFiles analysis and reportingcommands. We recently developed a more robust/ sophisticated SharedFile algorithm as in a stand-alone utilitygmUtility, gmSharedFile.exe (C# using gmAPI).  The gmSL approach is deprecated.  The new approach will be documented here soon.  Note, the change alters how to generated SharedFile commands that are placed into your GlobalSettings file.  For now, the commands may be produced, the old way, the new way, or even by hand.   Contact Us if you have questions.

I have a set of VBPs that share code files; that is, many VBPs reference the same code files. In default gmStudio Translations, the resulting .NET projects each gets separate copies of the shared files they reference. This file copying simplifies the translation, but it has some disadvantages in terms of version control, builds, and deployments. An alternative structure is to put the shared files into one of more "host" assemblies and have the translated application projects reference the shared files through the host assembly. Migrating to this assembly-based code sharing model is the approach described here.