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Here are some key points about our runtime library:

  • Using our Runtime Library is NOT a requirement.

    Users may configure gmStudio to upgrade their application to .NET code that will reference an external Runtime


    Libraries of their choosing.

    Many teams prefer to minimize dependencies on third-party components.  These teams may configure gmStudio to rewrite their applications to use .NET directly, or to use a their own runtime support framework(s).

    In our standard methodology, the initial translations do not reference a runtime assembly at all. Instead, gmStudio generates stub classes to satisfy some VB6/COM platform dependencies and integrates the stub classes with code generated from the legacy source. In subsequent phases of the methodology, gmStudio may be configured to automatically replace VB6/COM dependencies with


    .NET replacements of your choice.  These may or may not reference a VB6/COM emulation framework depending on the coding standards of the project.

  • A sample Runtime Library is distributed with the gmStudio Trial License

    Our sample upgrade solutions use the sample Runtime Library assembly to demonstrate functional upgrade results.   

    The sample library is distributed as an obfuscated assembly. 

    The sample library is for evaluation only.  It is not a complete VB6 emulation, and some of the members of the sample Runtime Library are stubbed out at this time. 

  • A copy of the sample Runtime Library source code (C#) is offered with each gmStudio Professional Edition License.  

    Customers may modify and use the Runtime Library source in their upgraded system if desired. 
    The sample Runtime Library source distribution is AS-IS with no warranty.

    Great Migrations maintains and improves the sample Runtime Library as part of our ongoing product development work.  

    Great Migrations implements enhancements and bug fixes as requested by the community in the context of our product releases. 

  • Specific Runtime Library support and development may be purchased with a services/support contract.  

    Some of the members of the sample Runtime Library are stubbed out at this time.  As a result, any application that uses stub methods will not run properly.  The stub members must be implemented by the upgrade team in order to make the upgraded application functional.

    Great Migrations offers custom product support and upgrade services.  If approved in the .NET coding standards for a project, we may use our Runtime Support Library.  In those cases, the required subset of our Runtime Library Source is included as a project deliverable.  

    Ongoing support for upgraded systems, including support for the Runtime Library, may be purchased with a specific support contract.