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titlePending Changes to Runtime Library (RTL) Conventions

Historically, the RTL namespace conventions employed by gmStudio were simple: almost all support functions were implemented in a single MigrationSupport.Utils static class.  The idea was to keep it simple and easy to describe, and : references to these functions were expected to be temporary placeholders until alternative, custom translations were designed and implemented by the Upgrade Team as part of their Upgrade Solution.  However, we have found that some teams are not able to complete the analysis and design work needed for a full custom upgrade and ; they are comfortable with using the RTL we provide out-of-the-box.    HoweverFurthermore, as the RTL has grown over time, the MigrationSupport.Utils class has become bloated.  We now find that a more structured RTL model is needed to better organize the RTL services.    To better meet this need, we are enhancing our RTL specification to allow stubbing and using a more structured set of namespaces and classes.  The intent is to provide a slightly more granular RTL framework that is that more descriptive and maintainable.  We are calling these new conventions gmRTL

The gmRTL namespace and class structure conventions will replace the legacy conventions before the end of 2021.  The legacy conventions (i.e.  MigrationSupport, MigrationSupportUI, etc) will be deprecated at that time. 

Stay tuned for more information on the transition.