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Answers the question: What COM components (Dlls, OCXs, TLBs, etc) are referenced by each migration unit? (also, what #include files are referenced from ASP files?)  

SrcFldr ' Referring Source File Folder
SrcFile ' Referring Source File Name
LibName ' Referenced Library Name
LibFile ' Referenced Library File
LibRegd ' Referenced Library Registered Status
RefStat ' Referenced Library Ready Status
LibGuid ' Referenced Library GUID
MajVers ' Referenced Library Major Version
MinVers ' Referenced Library Minor Version
LibPath ' Referenced Library Path
LibType ' Referenced Library Type
RefType ' Reference Type
IdfPath ' IDF Path
IdfType ' IDF Type
IdfDate ' IDF Created Date
AsmStat ' Assembly Ready Status
TaskTag ' Referring Task Tag
LibDesc ' Referenced Library Description
RefOrdr ' Referenced Library Import Order

A more detailed report of references is available using the Semantic References report.

Source Members

Answers the question: What is the breakdown of members (methods, properties, and events) in a migration unit? (VB6 only)


SrcName ' Migration Unit Name
RunDate ' Report Date
RecType ' Report Type
MemName ' Search Target
MemClas ' Matching File Internal Name
MemLibr ' Matching Project Internal Name
MemType ' "CODE"
Pos_Cnt ' Match Location (line number)
LocText ' Matching Record
LocMemb ' "General" | "-"or the name of the containing method or other code structure
LocFile ' Matching File Path
LocName ' Matching File Internal Name
LocType ' Matching File Type