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MigName ' Name of parent migration project
SrcName ' Unique identifier of the task within the migration project
SrcSize ' Source LOC for VBP/ASP (a negative value for missing files)
LibRegdIntName ' ReferencedInternal COMName componentsof areMigration registeredTask (READY|NOTFOUNDe.g. VBP.Name)
RefStat ' Interface description file status (see LibStat Flags)
SrcBlds ' VB6 Build Status (SUCCESS|FAIL)
TrnStat ' Translation Status (SUCCESS|WARN|ERROR|ABEND)
NetSize ' Source LOC for .NET code (includes RESX, CODE, PROJ)
NetBlds ' .NET Build Status (SUCCESS|FAIL)
LastMsg ' Last status message
UsrCmnt ' User comment for tracking and documentation purposes
NetLang ' Target .NET Language (csh|vbn)
UsrDesc ' Task description for tracking and documentation purposes
SrcOrdr ' Source build order based on Vbp references or Asp #includes
SrcFldr ' Location of source file (Vbp or Web content)
SrcFile ' Name of migration project source file
SrcType ' Type of migration project (VBP|WEB|XML)
BldPath ' Path of build product
BldType ' Type of build product (VBP:Exe|OleDll|OleExe|Control or WEB:PULP|INCLUDE|PAGE)
TScript ' Translation script template name
UsrCmds ' User command script to run after key processing steps
TaskTag ' tag (used to help identify files and directories associated with each unit/task)
SrcDesc ' VBP Project Title, or file path for ASP