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2) by clicking the [Generate and Open VS Solution] item from Tools menu.

Pre-Processed Source

This report generates a bundle file (see Deployment) containing a content for a version of the VB6 source that has had some early stage pre-processing applied by the tool.  This may be useful if you have a conditional VB6 code (i.e using a lot of #if/#else) and you wish to simplify the analysis and upgrade project by working with a particular non-conditional variant of that code.

You may use the deployment tool to deploy the pre-processed source files into a SrcPrep folder next to the source root the deploy tool.

Code Block
"\Program Files (x86)\GreatMigrations\gmStudio\support\tools\Deploy.exe" WPFCalculator-PrepSource.bnd deploy verbose replace

Generate Project Signature

A project signature is information that identifies the unique set of files in your project and the total, non-blank lines of code in those files. These files are used for . This report generates a file containing a Project Signature for the selected migration tasks.  A project-signature file may be used for perpetual, project-specific licensing.  Contact us for more information on Project-specific licensing if our standard time-limited licensing does not meet your needs.