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  • .NET Projects and Code files generated from your Source Code
  • .NET Stub Framework or Interop Assemblies generated from COM dependencies
  • Metrics Reports and Logs
  • Visual Studio Solution File integrating .NET projects
  • gmStudio upgrade solution files organized in a workspace 


gmStudio is available with a Lite Edition License that offers a limited set of featuresrestricts users to running the Wizard to produce default translations.

  • The Lite License Edition may be a good fit for organizations that  want want a quick, standard translation and detailed reports to help them expedite a more manual rewrite.
  • The Lite License does Lite Edition does not allow customizing translation rules or reporting rules except through the options offered on the Upgrade Wizard formProject Settings page.
  • The Lite License has Lite Edition has a limited user interface: when running with Lite License, the gmStudio user interface is limited to the Upgrade Wizard form.