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  • End of Windows XP Extended Support: April 2014
  • End of Windows Server 2008 Mainstream Support: January 2015
  • Start of Availability of Windows 10: July 2015
  • Start of Availability of Windows Server 2016: October 2016
  • End of Support for Windows 7: January 2020

Third, Microsoft has made huge investments in .NET. Since 2000, Microsoft has published many significant releases of the .NET languages, frameworks, and tools. In addition, Microsoft and others have made great investments in open source. .NET has been well-received by product vendors, developers, and other experts. It enjoys outstanding support from the open source community with compilers, IDEs, frameworks, and other tools enabling .NET development for platforms other than Windows. Going into 2017, we find .NET is a powerful, mature development platform backed by a global community of IT professionals.