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  • Improves the general ability to produce accurate build-complete .NET (C# and VB.NET) systems from VB6 systems (most recently including enhancements needed to upgrade a large shipping logistics application with 1 VBP referencing 283 code files containing 880K LOC and 39 third party-COM components)
  • Adds Refactor/OverGeneric statement to create generic overloads for byref parameters that must take multiple types of arguments
  • Adds new Fix attributes for matching multi-line patterns: MatchBlock and MatchTillLast
  • Improves generated Forms designer code
  • Adds parameter@types attribute to the InterfaceDefine feature to direct interfaces generated from specified types
  • Improves upgrading difficult cases of On Error Goto and On Error Resume
  • Improves GoSub refactoring to allow more GoSubs within a method
  • Improves handling of reference to COM Constants
  • Improves handling of calls to the Array function with no arguments
  • Improves translations of Third-Party Controls on Forms and UserControls
  • Improves handling of naming conflicts between undeclared application symbols and VB6/COM global symbols
  • Improves handling of naming conflicts between control names and VB6 keywords
  • Adds DataStore API methods to the GM Scripting Language (gmSL)