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The gmNI DLLs, ScrrunMigration.dll and MscomctlMigration.dll, are no longer distributed with gmStudio. Please apply the new approach using gmSL scripts as illustrated in the latest samples. Contact Great Migrations if you require assistance.


ScanTool Sample Changes

The ScanTool sample includes several COM API replacements. One of these, Scrrun to System.IO, requires a number of deep migrations:


In prior releases of the sample, the Scripting to System.IO migration was done using a custom IDF and an associated gmNI DLL: GM.scrrun.dll.xml and ScrrunMigration.dll. These migration assets were activated using the following commands in the translation script:

Code Block
<Registry type="libname" source="scrrun.dll" target="GM.scrrun.dll" />
<Registry type="idfstatus" source="GM.scrrun.dll" target="migrate" />


These changes also impact the FileExplorer, FMStocks, and WPFScanTool samples.