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  • Improves consistency of class members that implement interface members
  • Improves accuracy of resolving and preserving interface inheritance
  • Improves support for recognizing module members qualified by the project name, the module name, or both
  • Improves support for user-defined Font properties
  • Improves GoSub refactoring to make extracted GoSub routines private
  • Improves GoSub refactoring to handle properties containing GoSubs
  • Improves recognizing and migrating abstract Control references
  • Improves migrating indexer expressions involving weakly typed collections
  • Improves migrating code using Abs in bitwise operations
  • Improves setting scope of user-defined types
  • Improves resolving naming conflicts between enums and classes
  • Improves support for migrating property getter/setter constructs with different type/value constructsproperties where the getter's return type differs from the setter's value type
  • Improves migrating passing a unary operation by ref
  • Improves migration of Select-Case using LCase/UCase(literal) expressions as Case arguments to switch-case (C#)
  • Improves migration of Select-Case using a type Single expression as the Select argument
  • Improves Refactor/Migrate command to allow modifying the uuid associated with a designer coclass
  • Improves low level handling of code using extended character sets
  • Improves support for ComboBox/ListBox NewIndex Property
  • Improves resolving object versus default property on LHS of an assignment
  • Improves detecting and migrating event handlers for ControlArrays that do not follow standard conventions
  • Begins major improvements to late-stage type inference for symbols of type Object in code and COM interfaces