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Code Block
Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)
Sleep 500

We want no declaration and calls like this:


To make things more interesting this Declare was in a module that was shared throughout the system;  the declaration is being moved into a host project using the Shared

Code Block
<Compile Condition="%SrcName%=='AppCommon'">
      <Migrate id="GlobalDeclarations.Sleep" nPram="2" migName="System.Threading.Thread.Sleep" migStatus="external" />

Changes the calls in AppCommon as expected


Code Block

      <method id="Sleep" migName="System.Threading.Thread.Sleep" type="Void">
         <argument id="dwMilliseconds" type="Integer" status="ByVal"/>

The migName attribute alters calls made to the method the codes that reference AppCommon.DLL.


Code Block
<Author Condition="%SrcName%=='AppCommon'">
<Fix host="%SrcName%" name="PostEdit">
   <Replace name="Remove GlobalDeclaration.Sleep">
         public static extern void System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(int dwMilliseconds);