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Code Block
Public Function SearchForWindow(PartTitle$, Optional SwitchTo, Optional WholeTitleFoundOUT) As Long  <-- WholeTitleFoundOUT must remain ByRef

Some calls passed all parameters:

hWndLoc& = SearchForWindow(OrigCaption, False, NameString)

Some calls omit the optional parameters:

hWnd = SearchForWindow(ReaderServerWindowName(iServerNo))
hWnd = SearchForWindow(ReaderServerWindowName(iReaderServerNoIN))
hWnd = SearchForWindow(ReaderServerWindowNameFromReader(iReaderIndexIN))
hWnd = SearchForWindow(SReaderServerWindowNamePrefix())


You can add migStatus=DoNotOverload to a method in a custom IDF or with a Refactor/Migrate command.

Code Block
<accessor id="Cell" type="Variant" migStatus="DoNotOverload" nPram="6" migpattern="%1d.get_Cell(%2d,%3d,%4d,1,1)">

You may use compile/refactor/fixtype: