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It has been my privilege to have met and worked with the Great Migrations team in this complex Praxis "great migration" from VB to C#.  Praxis was built over 20 years on multiple Windows DLLs, many of which were coded in Visual Basic. Prior to signing on with Great Migrations, we had estimated the conversion to C# would take about 10 years.  Thanks to the Great Migrations, in less than one year we completely finished our application upgrade. In fact, it works superbly well in C#. Our software flies! Great Migrations delivered more than they promised. They are passionate about their clients' success and they became our allies in this battle. Without their help, I do not believe we would have succeeded in any reasonable time. This is the advantage of Great Migrations over their major competitor. The other company promises that the software alone will do it and they delegate support to dozens of techs that do not make a point to understand our application and do not even understand their own technology because they did not build it. Great Migrations is constantly improving their software with each new client. So, for you, it will be even better than it was for us. One of the things I had requested from their competitors was to allow us to speak with the actual tech that would work with us during the migration.  The competitor could not do this, they said, because they could not tell who that person would be beforehand.  Clearly, we would have made a bad mistake to go with them even though they have an important brand name. If you need to convert your application from VB to C# don't even think about any other option. 

Thank you, Mark Juras, for all your wonderful help this year. We could not have done it without you!

Richard Low MD,
CEO Praxis EMR.

titleand From the Praxis.NET Release Announcement

Working with Great Migrations, a tech company that specializes in upgrading software, we were able to automatically translate millions of lines of code from Visual Basic Code to C#, thus solving a daunting task and saving our team many years of work. We were left with only about five percent of the code which needed to be completed by hand...